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Header files and development documentation for spice-server


This package depends on: libspice-server1 (= 0.12.8-2.1+deb9u1), libspice-protocol-dev (>= 0.12.10~).

This package does not recommend any other package.

This package suggests: pkg-config.

This package does not conflict with any other package.

Package Contents

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libspice-server-dev 0.12.8-2.1+deb9u1 is in debian - stretch / main. This package's architecture is: i386.

File Mime Type Owner Mode Size
/usr/ root:root 0o755
/usr/include/ root:root 0o755
/usr/include/spice-server/ root:root 0o755
/usr/include/spice-server/spice-audio.h text/x-c root:root 0o644 3.5 KB
/usr/include/spice-server/spice-char.h text/x-c root:root 0o644 2.1 KB
/usr/include/spice-server/spice-core.h text/x-c root:root 0o644 3.2 KB
/usr/include/spice-server/spice-experimental.h text/plain root:root 0o644 923 bytes
/usr/include/spice-server/spice.h text/x-c root:root 0o644 1.0 KB
/usr/include/spice-server/spice-input.h text/x-c root:root 0o644 2.9 KB
/usr/include/spice-server/spice-migration.h text/x-c root:root 0o644 2.2 KB
/usr/include/spice-server/spice-qxl.h text/x-c root:root 0o644 8.1 KB
/usr/include/spice-server/spice-server.h text/x-c root:root 0o644 5.2 KB
/usr/include/spice-server/spice-version.h text/plain root:root 0o644 971 bytes
/usr/lib/ root:root 0o755
/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ root:root 0o755
/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libspice-server.so root:root 0o777
/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/pkgconfig/ root:root 0o755
/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/pkgconfig/spice-server.pc text/plain root:root 0o644 302 bytes
/usr/share/ root:root 0o755
/usr/share/doc/ root:root 0o755
/usr/share/doc/libspice-server-dev/ root:root 0o755
/usr/share/doc/libspice-server-dev/changelog.Debian.gz application/gzip root:root 0o644 4.5 KB
/usr/share/doc/libspice-server-dev/changelog.gz application/gzip root:root 0o644 157.7 KB
/usr/share/doc/libspice-server-dev/copyright text/plain root:root 0o644 6.4 KB