This package is 49.9 MB. It is available at http://ftp.debian.org/debian/pool/main/d/debian-keyring/debian-keyring_2015.04.10_all.deb .

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GnuPG keys of Debian Developers and Maintainers


This package does not depend on any other package.

This package recommends: gnupg (>= 1.0.6-4).

This package does not suggest any other package.

This package conflicts with: debian-maintainers.

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debian-keyring 2015.04.10 is in debian - jessie / main. This package's architecture is: architectureless.

File Mime Type Owner Mode Size
/usr/ root:root 0o755
/usr/share/ root:root 0o755
/usr/share/doc/ root:root 0o755
/usr/share/doc/debian-keyring/ root:root 0o755
/usr/share/doc/debian-keyring/changelog.gz application/gzip root:root 0o644 530.7 KB
/usr/share/doc/debian-keyring/changelog.old.gz application/gzip root:root 0o644 2.8 KB
/usr/share/doc/debian-keyring/copyright text/plain root:root 0o644 1.4 KB
/usr/share/doc/debian-keyring/NEWS.Debian.gz application/gzip root:root 0o644 369 bytes
/usr/share/doc/debian-keyring/README.gz application/gzip root:root 0o644 3.6 KB
/usr/share/keyrings/ root:root 0o755
/usr/share/keyrings/debian-keyring.gpg application/x-gnupg-keyring root:root 0o644 47.7 MB
/usr/share/keyrings/debian-keyring.pgp application/x-empty root:root 0o644 0 bytes
/usr/share/keyrings/debian-maintainers.gpg application/x-gnupg-keyring root:root 0o644 6.6 MB
/usr/share/keyrings/debian-nonupload.gpg application/x-gnupg-keyring root:root 0o644 395.5 KB
/usr/share/keyrings/debian-role-keys.gpg application/x-gnupg-keyring root:root 0o644 175.9 KB