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graphical user interface for SSH and SCP


This package recommends: www-browser.

This package does not suggest any other package.

This package does not conflict with any other package.

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secpanel 1:0.6.1-2 is in debian - stretch / main. This package's architecture is: architectureless.

File Mime Type Owner Mode Size
postinst text/x-shellscript N/A N/A 185 bytes
postrm text/x-shellscript N/A N/A 160 bytes
/usr/ root:root 0o755
/usr/bin/ root:root 0o755
/usr/bin/secpanel text/x-shellscript root:root 0o755 62.9 KB
/usr/share/ root:root 0o755
/usr/share/applications/ root:root 0o755
/usr/share/applications/secpanel.desktop text/plain root:root 0o644 187 bytes
/usr/share/doc/ root:root 0o755
/usr/share/doc/secpanel/ root:root 0o755
/usr/share/doc/secpanel/changelog.Debian.gz application/gzip root:root 0o644 2.9 KB
/usr/share/doc/secpanel/copyright text/plain root:root 0o644 1.4 KB
/usr/share/man/ root:root 0o755
/usr/share/man/man1/ root:root 0o755
/usr/share/man/man1/secpanel.1.gz application/gzip root:root 0o644 885 bytes
/usr/share/menu/ root:root 0o755
/usr/share/menu/secpanel text/plain root:root 0o644 231 bytes
/usr/share/pixmaps/ root:root 0o755
/usr/share/pixmaps/secpanel.xpm image/x-xpmi root:root 0o644 5.9 KB
/usr/share/secpanel/ root:root 0o755
/usr/share/secpanel/convert_history.tcl text/plain root:root 0o755 1.1 KB
/usr/share/secpanel/convert_profile.tcl text/plain root:root 0o755 1.9 KB
/usr/share/secpanel/default.config text/plain root:root 0o644 59 bytes
/usr/share/secpanel/default.profile text/plain root:root 0o644 415 bytes
/usr/share/secpanel/dppw.tcl text/x-shellscript root:root 0o755 5.7 KB
/usr/share/secpanel/export_profiles.tcl text/plain root:root 0o755 4.4 KB
/usr/share/secpanel/gui.tcl text/plain root:root 0o644 140.3 KB
/usr/share/secpanel/images/ root:root 0o755
/usr/share/secpanel/images/back.gif image/gif root:root 0o644 206 bytes
/usr/share/secpanel/images/configs_gr.gif image/gif root:root 0o644 1.4 KB
/usr/share/secpanel/images/connects_gr.gif image/gif root:root 0o644 1.8 KB
/usr/share/secpanel/images/folder.gif image/gif root:root 0o644 639 bytes
/usr/share/secpanel/images/keys_gr.gif image/gif root:root 0o644 1.5 KB
/usr/share/secpanel/images/profiles_gr.gif image/gif root:root 0o644 1.7 KB
/usr/share/secpanel/images/sscreen_gr.gif image/gif root:root 0o644 1.6 KB
/usr/share/secpanel/images/swinback_gr.gif image/gif root:root 0o644 1.6 KB
/usr/share/secpanel/secpanel_remoteconf.sh text/x-shellscript root:root 0o755 1.3 KB
/usr/share/secpanel/secpanel.wait text/x-shellscript root:root 0o755 202 bytes
/usr/share/secpanel/spdistkey text/x-shellscript root:root 0o755 1.7 KB
/usr/share/secpanel/termdefs.txt text/plain root:root 0o644 2.1 KB